CRO/FTE Services & Pricing

SynHet offers cCRO (chemical Contract Research Organization) and FTE (Full-time equivalent) for small-scale synthesis of non-commercially available compounds on an exclusive basis. At SynHet we offer fully integrated and standalone chemistry solutions from hit identification, lead optimization to early chemical development for biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries and academic institutes. In addition, we support research activities for agrochemical and material science industries. Our chemistry capabilities range from various complex heterocycles, high purity standards, metabolites, prodrugs, targeted compound libraries, to known and novel compounds.

Contract synthetic work & Custom Synthesis Pricing List

Prices are discussable dependent on the Project and Length of the Project. Project pricing and communication regarding a project is normally done within 12h.


Custom Synthesis

Routine Synthetic work

Contract Synthesis

Contract Research Synthesis


Price is dependent per project



<€4999.99,- /FTE/Month

Full time employee (PhD)

Use of equipment (Flash purification systems, Preparative systems, etc.)

Remuneration and/or costs reimbursement related to routine analytical work for the purpose of structural identification, e.g. NMR, LC-MS, GC-MS.

All basic media, materials, solvents and basic reagents costs required for chemical synthesis work

Dependent on scale.

Dependent on scale.

Dependent on scale.

All overhead costs (laboratory space, office space, storage, non-reagent consumables, solvents, software’s)

All costs related to communication, reporting and materials shipment from SynHet Services to the customer’s site via DHL or similar international package delivery company

The reagents/ starting material costs required for chemical synthesis work specific to the chemistry ordered by the customer. Such reagents, necessary for chemical synthesis work performed within the Services.

Dependent on project and scale.

Dependent on project and scale.

Dependent on project and scale.

Fixed price per project

Handling of high risk and hazardous materials

Included in price

Please feel free to send us your CRO/FTE requests to or leave your information bellow. Each project is treated under the confidentiality agreement (download a standard MUTUAL CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT example):

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